2023 Converge Topics

Converge will bring together subject-matter experts on the technology topics that impact our daily lives. This year, we’ll dive into: Sustainability, Information Security, Cloud, ESports, AI & Data Science, Tech for Good, Workforce, and more!

Keynote Topics

Generative AI: Leading the Way toward Responsible, Ethical AI in the Age of Evolving Technology 

Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming a central player in our personal lives, professional endeavors, and all facets of our community and existence. From machine learning models, chatbots, and AI systems with extensive general knowledge, our quest to harness these powers to reach big goals has become a new way of life for us.

Throughout it all, we need to keep a pulse on the ethical concerns of how AI will change our environment and way of working.

Join Dr. Paul Root Wolpe from Emory University’s Center for Ethics, and Dr. Beverly Wright, Head of Data Science and AI Solutions, to hear their take on how we can help support the development and use of AI in responsible, sustainable, and ethical ways.

Information Security

As with all technology and online tools, there are good users and bad users – good actors and bad actors. How can good actors in the technology sector stay ahead of the curve of cyber-, cloud, and data attackers and better protect themselves?

Breakout Topics

Media & Entertainment

From sports to news, to movies and TV, how is the landscape of media and entertainment technology evolving? What role is AI playing in the changes? How consumers are informed and entertained will continue to change.

Tech for Good: Leveraging Data Science & AI for Improving our World 

Data science & AI are constantly at work to change our lives and communities for the better. Learn how a diverse team of data leaders applied advanced AI techniques to solve societal wicked problems to reduce landfill waste, serve nonprofit shelters, and help communities thrive. 


Atlanta is a growing sector for esports and online competitive gaming. What innovations are building the future of the esports industry? Is AI playing a role? What is on the horizon and is this sector in competition with live sports?

Smart Home/Smart Cities: The Future of Living and Working in Smart Homes and Smart Cities

Technology is transforming the way we live and work, from our private homes to our communities at large. Innovative smart home and smart city initiatives are helping to promote convenience, efficiency, and sustainability.

This session will explore the latest trends and developments in smart home and smart city technology. We will discuss how these technologies are being used to improve our quality of life, reduce our environmental impact, and create more equitable and inclusive communities.

Workforce & DEI

More than ever, the tech industry needs skilled workers. How can people enter the tech workforce with the proper skillsets? What can employers do with internal talent? What role is DE&I playing in the process?

Cloud: Driving Enterprise Business Value in the Cloud

The way companies store critical data can promote better efficiencies. How are companies employing cloud technology to improve their day-to-day operations? How is it evolving for private users? How will AI shake data storage up in the future?


Speaking proposals will be accepted through Friday, October 20th.